NSCP Anti-Racist Practice Level 3

The Black Lives Matters movement over the last couple of years has really raised the profile of racial equality and encouraged discussions about anti-racist practice and allyship in wider society and in the workplace. This event aims to help practitioners have a better understanding of racism, anti-racism, and what is meant by white privilege. The event will offer the opportunity  to consider intercultural communication when working with both children and families and work colleagues from different cultures or backgrounds. It will provide a relaxed, safe space to discuss  issues around racism and consider how anti-racism will help with your practice. It is for any practitioners and managers who work with children & families. This event is being offered via MS Teams and is 3 hours long.

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  • Have a better understanding of anti-racism.
  • Have an understanding of racism in society- structural racism.
  • Have a better understanding of intercultural communication.
  • Focus on how people might experience racism and how they might feel.
  • Consider how this could help your practice.

Target audience:

For all practitioners and managers who work with children and families. (N.B.NCC staff who have already done this course internally do not  need to repeat it, also NCC will be offering further opportunities to attend this course internally in the near future so you can choose which course you’d prefer to attend).

Course Charges:

Reminder: Charges may apply for this course – for more details please see our charging table on the training page of our website.  Please be aware we have reintroduced our non- attendance charge so, if you find you are no longer able to attend we do require 24 hours notice.  Please log into your account and remove yourself from the event.  The charge will be £20.00 if it is an virtual event.


Partners from Nottinghamshire County Council Social Care Team and Health

Training Course date: Monday, September 23, 2024

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