Safeguarding Children Competence Framework

A joint Nottinghamshire & Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Competence Framework [PDF] has been developed which is available for all agencies to use to review that different staff groups are competent to an appropriate level in relation to safeguarding children and that they are accessing appropriate training to support this.

This framework provides agreed minimum standards regarding competency levels that are applicable to all partner agencies, however it is recognised that staff with specific roles and responsibilities may have additional competence requirements specified by their own organisation.

To further support this and ensure that staff attend courses which are at an appropriate level to their role and responsibilities NSCP have set out 4 Target Groups of which all courses are aligned to. It gives examples of the audiences for each target group; this is not a definitive list but a guide. Information included in all course flyers/details also makes it clear who the target audience is for each event, ensuring practitioners only attend relevant courses.

It is each agencies responsibility to decide which group a member of staff is placed in depending on their role within that organisation, in line with your own organisational levels.

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