Needs-led Front Door Project

Last updated: 27 March 2024

We are proud of the Nottinghamshire MASH and we know that colleagues do a brilliant job in that space of quickly identifying children who need help. However, the MASH has been in place for 11 years now and the safeguarding context has changed greatly in this time.

Children, young people and families who are referred to MASH often need support beyond safeguarding or social care. Currently, these needs aren’t always being met because the MASH is optimised to identify safeguarding and social care service needs. There is a need to identify these needs and provide support to prevent children, young people and families from further deterioration and from needing social care in the future.

We are joining other partnerships nationally who recognise the need to develop a model that reflects the current safeguarding picture. We have the ambition of creating a new front door where colleagues are able to focus on needs rather than thresholds: the right support, for the right children, at the right time.

We are sharing weekly updates and are hosting regular ‘show & tell’ to help you to understand and input into what we’re working on. It offers the opportunity to share what we’ve done, what we’ve learned and what we’re planning on doing next. It creates a feedback loop which people - like all of you! - can use to ask questions, form connections, and influence the work. 

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