Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

All members of the partnership are responsible for identifying serious child safeguarding cases which raise issues of importance to the area.  A rapid review of such cases is then undertaken to determine if any immediate action is needed to ensure a child’s safety.  The rapid view will also consider if there is any learning or potential for improving practice and if necessary a more in depth review, known as a child safeguarding practice review, will be commissioned.  Child safeguarding practice reviews will usually be published on this webpage however in some circumstances it may be inappropriate to do so in which case information will be published about the improvements instead. 

The NSCP will work closely with the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel particularly with regard to the outcomes of rapid reviews, decisions around commissioning child safeguarding practice reviews and publication issues.

All published NSCP child safeguarding practice review reports will be available via this webpage for at least a year and thereafter can be accessed through the NSPCC case review repository.



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