Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Annual Report 2020-2021

This Safeguarding Arrangements Annual Report 2020-21 [PDF] sets out what the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership has done over the past year. It provides an update on progress in relation to the safeguarding priorities for 2020-23 and identifies key areas of work to take forward.  The report includes an assessment of the effectiveness of safeguarding children in Nottinghamshire in line with statutory guidance.

Information is included about the local case reviews undertaken, the learning from those reviews and action taken in relation to them . It sets out evidence of the impact of the work of the safeguarding partners and relevant agencies, including training, on outcomes for children and families from early help to children who are looked after and care leavers.

An addendum to the report provides the Independent Scrutineer’s overview of the arrangements.

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