Safer sleep for babies over the festive period

20 December 2021

Safer Sleep for babies over the festive period

The attached article provides important information for professionals and parents on how to make sure that babies sleep safely over the festive period. It provides some local context about the risk to babies due to unsafe sleep practices and provides advice on how to make every sleep a “safe sleep”.

This is particularly important over the festive period when families with babies may be out of their usual routine due to traveling to stay with others/having visitors. Other people may be helping out and putting babies to bed. Families may be hosting or attending parties and festive celebrations. Additionally due to the winter weather, parents and carers may be concerned about ensuring their baby is warm enough whilst sleeping. It’s really important that parents and carers continue to follow safer sleep advice over this time to lower the risk of SIDS. Advice needs to be followed at all times, whether babies are sleeping at home or away, at their normal bedtime and during daytime naps.

Article: Safer sleep for babies over the festive period [pdf]

What can you do as a practitioner to support safer sleep advice?

  • Familiarise yourself with the detail of the article and encourage colleagues to do the same
  • Follow and promote the Lullaby Trust ‘12 Days of Safer Sleep’ campaign which runs from 12th to 24th December
  • Take every opportunity to reinforce the safer sleep message with parents, carers and families and be clear to include fathers and partners
  • Share the ‘Your Baby’s Sleep’ survey with parents and carers and encourage them to complete it
  • Make use of the Safer Sleep Risk Assessment Tool and guidance to help you identify and support vulnerable families where there is a greater risk of SIDS
  • Consider training needs for you and your team
  • Find out more about the Safer Sleep Steering Group.
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