Briefing Notes

6 August 2020

Independent Child Trafficking Advocate (ICTA) - March 2019 

An Independent Child Trafficking Advocate service provided by Barnardo’s is now available in Nottinghamshire.  All overseas children identified as potentially trafficked must be referred into the service for 1:1 support and UK children can be referred in for specialist advice and support.  This is in addition to existing requirements under the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). 

Download Independent Child Trafficking Advocate Briefing Note [PDF]

Harmful Sexual Behaviour – resources for professionals

The Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool is now only available to those who have attended a training course.  A link to alternative guidance by the NSPCC is now included in the HSB procedures:

Download Harmful Sexual Behaviour Briefing Note [PDF]

New Pathway to Provision 

The Pathway to Provision handbook supports practitioners to identify the needs of a children, young people and their families so that appropriate referrals to access provision can be made.   The guidance has now been updated and a short briefing note provides details of changes that have been made: 

Download New Pathway to Provision Briefing Note [PDF]

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