Safeguarding against Forced Marriage In Nottinghamshire Level 2/3

Within the UK discourse, forced marriage has often been constructed as intrinsic to specific countries and cultures, particularly South Asian and/or Muslim populations (Chantler et al 2009: 589; Oprea 2005), however contrary to these assertions, forced marriage is not a problem specific to one specific country or culture. Dr Rowland Seymour – an academic from Birmingham University has recently completed some research about where forced marriage is happening in Nottinghamshire and he would love to share his findings with you, alongside delivering a short training session he has developed in conjunction with Karma Nirvana, a national charity tackling honour-based abuse. It is 2 hour introductory session being delivered via MS Teams.

The morning will be split into 3 short sections :

1. Introducing forced marriage and the situation in Nottinghamshire.

2. Explaining the current legal framework for safeguarding against forced marriage.

3. Practical guidance on what to do should a potential victim be safeguarded alongside signposting on to helpful resources.

Course Aims:

At the end of the course, participants should:

  • Be able to identify potential cases of forced marriage in their own organisation.
  • Understand the laws protecting potential victims of forced marriage.
  • Understand the safeguarding procedure when a potential case is identified.
  • Know where to ask for support in identifying and dealing with cases of forced marriage.

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Training Course date: Thursday, February 22, 2024

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