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Jane and Michael’s adoption story

"Having a ready made family is a dream come true."

Jane and Michael became adopted parents to a sibling group of three - two twin boys aged three and a girl aged four.

Now in her fifties, Jane recalls busy careers, family bereavements and lots of other commitments contributing to the delay in getting round to starting a family. "It left little time for anything else!"

After a few years of trying to conceive during their early forties and considering the IVF route, Jane and Michael turned their attention to adoption.

Like many people wanting a family Jane felt the biological and emotional desire to parent their 'own' children. "But we were in our forties," Jane explains, "and knowing we wanted more than one child narrowed down our options." Knowing what impact Jane and Michael could make to the lives of children was a big motivation. "It’s been life changing." says Jane.

Meeting their children

Jane and Michael read the profiles of a number of children before making their final decision. After seeing photos of the twin boys and their sister, Jane and Michael then met the foster parents and began a series of introductions.

"By this point I was almost 50!" Jane exclaims. "We went away to celebrate my birthday mid-June and the children moved in not long after we came back in July."

Getting support

Jane and Michael say they are fortunate to be in a good position financially and have the time and love to give. Whilst working full time can be an additional pressure, they access help when they need it. "A support network is important", says Jane. "You find support in places you wouldn’t expect; we use breakfast clubs and have called upon Sure Start for help in the past!

"It’s hard work and the sudden impact of having three children come all at once is a shock. But we can’t imagine life without them. It’s brought us closer together as a couple too.

"It is a privilege to be given the gift of three lovely children. Life now is very unexpected and at times very funny."

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