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Annie and Kevin

Annie and Kevin are siblings of dual heritage, white British and black African. Annie is four and Kevin is two. They suffered neglectful and inconsistent parenting and physical abuse.

Annie is a delightful little girl, who is full of energy and very lively. She has a great sense of humour with a contagious giggle. Annie can be strong willed and stubborn at times, especially when she does not get her own way or is told ‘no’. Annie loves anything pink and likes to dress up in girly clothes. She enjoys playing with table top games and riding her tricycle.

Kevin is an adventurous two year old and thoroughly enjoys exploring his environment. He is a very inquisitive boy who likes to be on the go, and particularly likes exploring objects which he can try and eat. Kevin presents as a happy child when he is playing, however like any two year old if he is not getting his own way Kevin has been known to show his feelings! Kevin thoroughly loves being able to walk and run around, he loves to explore his environment.

Adopters will need to offer lots of love, nurture and affirmative care to Annie and Kevin and demonstrate a commitment to offer a secure home for them where they are valued as part of a loving family.

The illustrative profiles given are fictional and any similarity to actual children is coincidental.

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